Welcome to our homepage of Rekisee Girl!
Our aim is to have many people "see" the "Rekisi"
("Rekisi" is the roman letters meaning history)

It is the day when "Ononoimoko" left for Mainland China as a member of Japanese envoy to Sui Dynasty.

By telling the greatness of Japanese history using various media, Rekisee Girl have a lot of people being interested in the history.

 Our general manager is Mr. Shunnichiro Kanaya, who is famous as a commentator of history, commonly being on TV.

 Rekise Girl use four following media.
 We will let you know on Twitter if there is a new topic.

Our concept is " become interested in the history". Photos which we take in many places will be uploaded on Instagram.

 You Tube(Rekisee Girl channel)
"Rekisee Girl" are on videos as main reporters and tell how nice the Japanese history is.
We introduce our report and local products from the historical point of view.
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 Blog(Rekisee Girl blog powered by Ameba Blog)  
"Rekisee Girl" writes a blog reporting historical sites, museums, lectures and events.
We will introduce the attraction of local history.

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